Carol Cole, LCSW

Welcome to Carol Cole, LCSW Online.

 For Clients: How to Use Carepaths Teletherapy

 Please make sure you know your login preparation for your appointment.

Works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Ipad (no iPhones or like – these will not work).


Login:  Your name as assigned.  If you do not remember your login name, please contact us at well before your scheduled session.

Password: Your date of birth in format: DDMMYYYY


To log on, please go to on your computer.   Enter your User Name and Password. Click on the blue “Sign In” button below.


You will be at the Member Home.  The drop down "Menu" drop down is on the top left side.  About half down the list is "TeleTherapy".  Click on “Teletherapy”


You should now see a video image of yourself.  A small pop up screen may appear before the live screen requesting that you to allow your video and sound – please make sure these are turned on.


You may then be able to see and hear Carol Cole.  She will also be able to see and hear you.  You may now begin your secure and confidential session. If Carol Cole LCSW does not show on your screen please wait until Carol Cole arrives.


When the session is completed, please click on “Logout”.  You can now click on your name at the top right side of your screen. Click on your name then click on “Sign Out”

** If you do not know you login and password, please email us at from the email we have on file for you.  We will then send you the login and password to the email you have on file with us.